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Spotlight - Black and White Leather Loafers

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By producing on-demand, ALOHAS commits to a zero waste policy and takes a stand against fashion overconsumption.

Please bear in mind that since all PRE-ORDER items are made to order and produced from scratch to avoid waste and overproduction, different sizes will be in different stages of production and therefore have different shipping times.

So make sure to click on the size you want to see how long it will take to arrive.

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Black and white leather embellished loafers

For the fellow flat footwear lovers, we created a pair of loafers so dazzling, we called them Spotlight. A sophisticated moccasin style shoe crafted from black and white leather and completed with a slightly heeled rubber outsole. Bonus points for the gold-tone embellishments sitting across the vamp. Wear yours with smart tailoring and get ready to take center stage.

  • Product type: Loafers
  • Material: {"cow_leather"=>"Cow Leather", "cotton"=>"Cotton", "cuerolite"=>"Cuerolite", "cupro"=>"Cupro", "elastane"=>"Elastane", "fabric"=>"Fabric", "guinea_fowl_feather"=>"Guinea Fowl Feather", "hemp"=>"Hemp", "horse_hair"=>"Horse Hair", "iron"=>"Iron", "jute"=>"Jute", "Lama"=>"Lama", "lamb_leather"=>"Lamb Leather", "lamb_suede"=>"Lamb Suede", "lambskin"=>"Lambskin", "lambswool"=>"Lambswool", "lastol"=>"Lastol", "lastrile"=>"Lastrile", "linen"=>"Linen", "lurex"=>"Lurex", "lyocell"=>"Lyocell", "magnet"=>"Magnet", "marble"=>"Marble", "merino_lamb_leather"=>"Merino Lamb Leather", "merino_wool"=>"Merino Wool", "metal"=>"Metal", "metallic_fibres"=>"Metallic Fibres", "modacrylic"=>"Modacrylic", "modal"=>"Modal", "mohair"=>"Mohair", "mongolian_lambskin"=>"Mongolian Lambskin", "novoloid"=>"Novoloid", "nylon"=>"Nylon", "nytril"=>"Nytril", "olefin"=>"Olefin", "organic_cotton"=>"Organic Cotton", "other"=>"Other", "paper"=>"Paper", "pearl"=>"Pearl", "pig_leather"=>"Pig Leather", "pig_suede"=>"Pig Suede", "plastic_zipper"=>"Plastic Zipper", "polyacrylic"=>"Polyacrylic", "polyamide"=>"Polyamide", "polybenzimidazole"=>"Polybenzimidazole", "polybutylene_terephthalate"=>"Polybutylene Terephthalate", "polyester"=>"Polyester", "polyethylene"=>"Polyethylene", "polyethylene_terephthalate"=>"Polyethylene Terephthalate", "polyimide"=>"Polyimide", "polymethyl_methacrylate"=>"Polymethyl Methacrylate", "polypropylene"=>"Polypropylene", "polypropylene_straw"=>"Polypropylene Straw", "polystyrene_ps"=>"Polystyrene Ps", "polyurethane"=>"Polyurethane", "polyurethane_coated_polyester"=>"Polyurethane Coated Polyester", "polyvinyl_chloride"=>"Polyvinyl Chloride", "pony_hair"=>"Pony Hair", "propylene"=>"Propylene", "pu"=>"100% pu", "quartz"=>"Quartz", "rabbit_fur"=>"Rabbit Fur", "raffia"=>"Raffia", "ramie"=>"Ramie", "rayon"=>"Rayon", "reconstituted_cow_leather"=>"Reconstituted Cow Leather", "recycled_cotton"=>"Recycled cotton", "recycled_polyester"=>"Recycled Polyester", "reed"=>"Reed", "resin"=>"Resin", "rubber"=>"Rubber", "saran"=>"Saran", "sheep_leather"=>"Sheep Leather", "sheepskin"=>"Sheepskin", "shell"=>"Shell", "silicon"=>"Silicon", "silk"=>"Silk", "sisal"=>"Sisal", "snakeskin"=>"Snakeskin", "spandex"=>"Spandex", "split_cow_leather"=>"Split Cow Leather", "stainless_steel"=>"Stainless Steel", "steel"=>"Steel", "stingray_leather"=>"Stingray Leather", "stone"=>"Stone", "straw"=>"Straw", "styrene_butadiene_rubber"=>"Styrene Butadiene Rubber", "sulfar"=>"Sulfar", "textile_residues"=>"Textile Residues", "thermoplastic_polyurethane"=>"Thermoplastic Polyurethane", "thermoplastic_rubber"=>"Thermoplastic Rubber", "tin"=>"Tin", "tin_alloy"=>"Tin Alloy", "triacetate"=>"Triacetate", "turkey_feather"=>"Turkey Feather", "vinal"=>"Vinal", "vinylal"=>"Vinylal", "vinyon"=>"Vinyon", "viscose"=>"Viscose", "vulcanized_rubber"=>"Vulcanized Rubber", "white_duck_down"=>"White Duck Down", "white_goose_down"=>"White Goose Down", "wood"=>"Wood", "wool"=>"Wool", "yak"=>"Yak", "zamak_ecologic_finishing"=>"Zamak Ecologic Finishing", "zinc"=>"Zinc", "zinc_alloy"=>"Zinc Alloy", "vegan_leather"=>"Vegan Leather", "leather"=>"Sustainable Leather", "silver"=>"Silver 925", "gold_plating"=>"18K Gold Plating", "vegan"=>"Vegan", "yarn"=>"Yarn", "18k_gold_plated"=>"18K Gold Plated", "18k_gold_plated_sterling_silver"=>"18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver", "92_5_sterling_silver"=>"92.5 Sterling Silver"}
  • Composition: Cow Leather
  • Heel height: 2cm
  • Color: Black
  • Made in Spain

Our shoes fit true to size. If you are between sizes we recommend selecting the next full size up. Still unsure? Please contact our customer care team at

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We source and produce our materials locally to ensure fair and sustainable conditions, quality standards, as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

When you shop at alohas, YOU’RE HELPING THE WORLD WITH:

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    We work on an on-demand basis, which means production doesn’t start until customers have placed their orders. In short, we only make what you *really* want to wear in order to avoid harmful leftover waste.

    As a reward for your patience, we offer you 30% off at launch and 15% off during production, so everybody wins - us, you, and the planet, too!

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    All our shoes are produced in the coastal region of Alicante, Spain. Local manufacturing ensures a lower carbon footprint, regular visits to our facilities, and top-notch craftsmanship by our trusted artisans.

    Fun fact: Alicante is a globally renowned hub for the footwear making industry, so you can expect nothing but the best quality from every pair of ALOHAS.

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    Guess what? We don’t like to waste - not time, not energy and definitely not stuff. By committing to on-demand production, we cut down on excess stock that would otherwise be dumped in landfills.

    We have big goals, like innovating the way people shop while disrupting consumption - it’s one of our greatest responsibilities as a sustainable fashion brand.

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How do I know what size to buy?

Our shoes fit true to size. We have a size chart in every product page where you can consult measurements as well. However, if you’re still unsure, there’s tons of reviews on our page where you can see images and feedback from fellow customers.

What does on-demand mean?

On-demand production means we don’t produce any more or any less than what is ordered. This means that every time we launch a new collection, we wait for new orders to come in to begin producing. This is the most sustainable way of shopping because it creates 0% excess material. This is why we give you 30% off at launch - to encourage on-demand shopping. After two weeks, when the first batch of orders begins production, the discount drops to 15%.

How long do I have to wait to receive my order?

You can check shipping times on every individual product page. Please bear in mind that since all items are made to order and produced from scratch to avoid waste and overproduction, different sizes will be in different stages of production and therefore have different shipping times. So make sure to click on the size you want to see how long it will take to arrive.

How is on-demand sustainable?

On-demand is one of the most sustainable production methods out there because instead of mass production, we wait for orders to come in so we can produce exactly the amount that is asked for. This way we don’t have any leftover stock or fabric - most brands burn this or take it to landfills, a massive threat to our ecosystem.

How long is each on-demand phase?

After a collection is launched, it takes us approximately two weeks to determine accurate demand levels for each item. Once this time finishes, we begin producing, and the discount drops to 15%. This would be the second batch of orders, which takes about five weeks to produce. After these are sent out, the items are now in-stock and at full price.

Why are some sizes in stock and some in pre-order?

Whenever we launch a new product, all sizes are inpre-order. However, because not everyone is 100% satisfied with their product, an item might get returned eventually. When this happens, it becomes in-stock because it has already been produced. This is why some sizes appear in stock - so make sure to always check the size you’re looking for, not the whole product.

How do I know if a product is on-demand or just on sale?

At ALOHAS, we don’t believe in sales. In fact, we’ve fully reversed the traditional sales calendar. When you see an item at a discount of 30% or 15%, it means it was launched recently. In order to incentivize on-demand shopping, we give you this discountatlaunch, notafter.

How do you ensure prime labor conditions?

We’re lucky to have a very close relationship with our manufacturers and factory workers. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination and are always making sure the best standards are met. Our team visits our factories periodically to ensure that everything is running smoothly, prime labor conditions are met and strict quality and labor condition standards are in place.


Let’s reinvent shopping because every buy matters.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
L.W. (St Louis, US)
Fit: Runs Large
Not White, and uncomfortable

When I bought these I thought the white part would be a brighter white but it's beige and matches my skin tone. I'm a red head, so perhaps for someone darker skinned this would look fine but it wasn't for me. The shoe was also not comfortable. I've never tried vegan leather shoes, so perhaps that's part of it. It's an attractive shoe but not a good fit for me.

Carolyne Labelle (Saint-Sauveur, CA)
Fit: True to Size
tres bien

je suis tres satisfaite merci

Daniela Constantinou (Limassol, CY)
Fit: Runs Large

It's been delivered, after more than a month delete, the shoues are nice nice quality but my advice it's to get one number smaller.

C Chan (Sacramento, US)
Fit: True to Size
Great shoes

I love the stylish look of the shoes. They are comfortable but a little stiff. My right foot is a bit bigger, so when I wear them, the right one feels a little snug and the top across my toes are creasing a bit more than the left size. I worry a little about the sole being a little bit slippery. But overall, I love it so far.

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