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Jungle Stone & Beige Laced Up Sandal

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Beige leather lace up sandals

Beige lace up sandal with chunky soles and two types of straps: a leather V-shaped strap at the front, and a whole jungle of climbing rope type straps in the middle. Dark brown outer sole and chunky beige inner sole for contrast.

Product Type: Sandal

Sole Height: 3 cm

Material: Leather

Color: Beige & Stone

Made in Spain

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      All of our shoes are crafted out of Leather Working Group Certified Leather. This means, sustainable leathers, low impact dying thus less pollution.


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      On-demand is one of the most sustainable production methods out there because instead of making clothesen masse,we wait for orders to come in so we can produce exactly the amount that is asked for. This way we don’t have any leftover stock or fabric - most brands burn this or take it to landfills, a massive threat to our ecosystem.

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      How do you ensure prime labor conditions?

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 81 reviews
      Hetty Weering (Utrecht, NL)
      Fit: True to Size
      Beautifully made sandals

      I love my new sandals, the footbed is great and very soft. I did have to slowly break them in though and it is impossible to drive your car while wearing them. But they look very stylish and I get compliments whenever I wear them. I am very happy with my purchase!

      Kate Butchard (Sevran, FR)
      Fit: Runs Large
      There's a reason they don't show the back..

      While these sandals are nice from the front, the back is another story. There are four strings up to you to tie with no fastenings, just loose threads. I contacted customer service to ask how it's meant to be done, if there's a reference photo or guide. They were absolutely useless.
      Here's the "information" I got

      "The Jungle Stone & Beige Laced Up Sandal sandals are pretty cool. I can seem complicated to put on. However, once you have the trick it is very easy to wear them

      The sandal has two types of straps, you need to put your foot on and then play with the straps to tie them."

      Thanks, that was no help at all!

      Otherwise, the soles of the sandals are comfortable. The bottoms are incredibly slippery on tile floor, a bit dangerous if you're worried about falling. I am size 8.5 normally, I got 39s, they seem suitably sized.
      Given all this, I would still try other shoes from the brand, these ones are just not it

      Maria Tagliaferri (Parma, IT)
      Fit: Runs Large

      The quality of the product is very good, i really love them! Unfortunately they do not fit super super tight to me..

      alohafromamerica (Orland Park, US)
      Fit: True to Size
      Comfortable, fun, and customizable!!!

      I’m absolutely obsessed with these shoes. I find them to be very comfortable. The leather is cushy. You can make the straps tighter or looser to fit your foot. The toe bit does separate my big toe and first toe a bit more than I anticipated but it’s a relief compared to my narrow tennis shoes.

      The straps can also be tied any which way your little heart desires which makes this already super fun sandal even better! I like knitting them in the front before doubling back around. I also find that tying a half-bow with the thick leather ones is the best way to handle those straps. It is confusing and hard. But once I played around with them for a while I found a way to tie it in a way that gives relaxed, exotic, yes para-cord chic vibes.

      The only thing I hate is that the plushy leather straps are too long. I end up having to wrap them around my ankle 2.5 times or so to get them to not drag on the floor which looks kind of bulky. Maybe I just have tiny ankles though. The half-bow makes the bulk look kind of chick though so - it works!

      Ana Mafalda de Oliveira Meireles Vaz Guimaraes (Luanda, AO)
      Fit: True to Size
      Very pretty, original

      These sandals are different which grabbed my attention immediately. They are as the pic, very stylish. They may seem a bit big when you look at your feet but for others they aren’t ! I would say though that they are a bit heavy so it might take a little while to adjust to the weight. Very original model.


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