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ALOHAS offers more than fashion: a responsible shopping experience and the chance to participate in the fight against overproduction in the industry. Working at ALOHAS is enjoyable while still demanding. It is a place where we take pride in learning from one another and strive to embody sustainability as a way of life beyond the workplace. All in all, we love what we do and it shows!

Perks of Working With Us

Adjust your work schedule to any lifestyle preferences you might have. Whether you prefer getting started an hour earlier or ending the work day an hour later, we leave that up to you.

This year we implemented a new optional WFH policy. Employees only come into the office when strictly necessary, while WFH reduces both the economic and environmental costs of daily transportation.

Coffee to get you going and fruit to keep it healthy. Available in our office kitchen for all of our employees to enjoy at any time of day at no extra cost.

All professionals who are part of our team have access to personal discounts on ALOHAS products and may share a special discount with friends and family members who want to shop ALOHAS.

Values We Stand By

Your career goals, motivations and growth are important to us. We hold periodic feedback meetings to make sure you are beyond satisfied with your professional journey.

We champion transparency in all of our actions, including interactions with clients, exchanges between team members, or communications with third party entities.

Trust is at the forefront of any successful relationship, whether personal or professional. We work well together because we trust each other and viceversa.

As a start up, we champion the ability to take an idea and make it a reality, oftentimes with a limited amount of time on our hands.

There is a time to be serious, and a time to laugh it off. We work hard and have fun
doing it!

Diverse backgrounds, perspectives and ideas are accepted and welcome in our company. Similarly, we have a zero tolerance policy against discrimination of any sort.

As a sustainable fashion brand, we are on a big mission to battle overproduction in the industry through our on-demand business model and local production.

Our team is small and every member brings their own expertise to the table. Because every role is different, taking responsibility for our work and owning our actions is crucial.

We reinvent ourselves daily and keep our brand aligned with the times through constant innovation.

Hard data and critical thinking go hand in hand when it’s time to make decisions. Extracting valuable insights from large amounts of information is key in every department.

Brainstorm possible ideas, analyze every option, decide on the best path, and go for it. We champion bold moves with just the right amount of caution.

Open Positions

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Talent Acquisition Specialist

Business Process Analyst

Retail Expansion Specialist

Key Account Specialist

PR Specialist Italy

PR Specialist France

PR Specialist UK

PR Specialist USA

PR Specialist Germany

People Operations Intern

Senior Fashion Designer

CRM Retention Specialist

Chief Product Owner

Office Manager

Community Builder

Social Media Specialist

Head of Voice of the Customer

Video Intern  

System Administrator

Supply Chain Manager

Sales Intern

Buyer - External Brands


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