Who run the world?

At ALOHAS, women empowerment runs through our veins.

85% of our workers are women, and more than half of our departments are run by women.

We’re incredibly proud of being a women-led business and want to shine a light on some special ALOHAS Chicas.

Who are the women our team celebrates today? Here are some of our stories:

Rosario Trucco, Footwear & Bags Designer @ALOHAS

"Cheers to the most admirable woman who taught me how to listen to my heart above everything else."

Nuria Giner de Garcia, PR Specialist @ALOHAS

"Proud of the women we have become together."

Alba Palau, Stylist & Samples Manager @ALOHAS

"Strongest, most inspiring woman I have the absolute privilege to share this life with. No words can describe my absolute admiration."

Alexandra Wagner, Junior Copywriter @ALOHAS

"To my best friend and biggest support in the world."

Clàudia Fernández Pou, Affiliates & Partnerships Intern @ALOHAS

"Thank you for being my n1 supporter always."

Natalia Arjona, Content Specialist @ALOHAS

"My true half and forever inspiration, love you sister!"

Empowering our woman workers

Clothes have stories, and stories are people. 

We work with some spectacular ladies who we place at the absolute forefront of our production process and are lucky to call friends.

Their wellbeing is an integral part of our production process, so we make periodic visits to our Alicante warehouses to make sure everyone’s chipper and things run smoothly.

After all, we’d be nothing without them!

In the ALOHAS family, we are united by a key element: perpetual unbiased support. The impossible can be possible if you surround yourself with the right people.

Laura Lamarca Head of Brand @ALOHAS

At ALOHAS we feel inspired, encouraged to change the rules of the game, to spread our voice and raise the invisible crown of all the women around us.

Lucila Cappielo Head of Sales @ALOHAS

Today we're also celebrating you: smashing stereotypes & embracing diversity.