Who we are

We are four partners who have known each other since we were young, and we have been friends for ten years. We love to have fun, watch the sunset from the beach, play soccer, hike, and be in nature. We are passionate about traveling the world, discovering new places, and experience new cultures.


However, we are aware of the deterioration of the environment and the social problems around the world. We have collaborated with different organizations that aid in solving social and environmental problems. When the 2010 Haiti Earthquake occurred, we decided it was time to launch an initiative that would enable us to actively give back . During that time we were in our early 20’s, and the images on TV of the catastrophe affected us a lot. We really wanted to support the cause by sending money to the Red Cross and other organizations that were helping in the country, but as young students, we did not have any money to help make a difference for the Haitian people.After a deep talk and reflection about how we could help them and contribute to the cause, we come up with a cool solution. We decided to create a solitary race with the goal to raise money for Haiti.








From that point, we realized that even as a group of young guys from a small town, we were able to influence people to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle. This could be achieved by offering fun activities for communities to get involved in.

Like all people, we’ve had to endure hardships. Due to the hard financial crisis that hit Spain, three of us we had to leave our homes and find opportunities in foreign countries. Each one of us have been collaborating and getting hands on different social projects while away. However, these projects were not fulfilling us, so we discussed how we could get back together and begin our own sustainability project, which later became our grand idea of “ALOHAS.”

ALOHAS had to be sustainable with the environment, economy, and society. It would also help to boost the Spanish economy, shed light on the Spanish culture, but simultaneously be something FUN. The final idea came out after realizing that during our stay away, each one of us were always asked about the sandals that we were wearing. These sandals are what you know as ALOHAS. We love our ALOHAS and we wear them all summer long; they are just a way to send a message about living a fun, sustainable lifestyle. We found that womens leather sandals were the most popular, especially our silver sandals and gold sandals, so we decided to shift our focus to cater to this audience. Recently though we have released a toddler and kids sandals range!

Our goal is to encourage others to follow a fun sustainable lifestyle. We know we are small, however, we believe that everyones efforts can make a huge change in the environment, local economies, and society as a whole. If we walk together we will be able to reach more causes and change more lifestyles.

Do you want to walk with us? Let's make great things happen, one sandal at a time!