Ever since ALOHAS was founded, our business model has revolved around an on-demand production process. In a nutshell, this means you have a high degree of influence over our business and we work together to determine optimum production levels. But how does it work exactly?

First, we show you our upcoming designs early on in the season and make them available for pre-order on our website at a discount rate.

Once you have completed the pre-order process through our website, we calculate exactly how many units of each new style should be produced and begin manufacturing with a better notion of what you’re loving from next season’s collection. 

So we can produce more of what you like and less of what you don’t.


In terms of pricing, on-demand reverts the sales cycle by applying a discount for early purchases and offering the product at full price only once stock has been made available. Meaning we don’t adhere to the traditional sales calendar anymore.

What makes on-demand a more responsible business model? And how is this in line with our promise to enhance sustainability in 2020?


  • For our planet: on-demand production makes it possible to reduce waste by anticipating the true size of demand as indicated by the number of pre-orders placed by you, our customers.

  • For our people: on-demand production means you get to order next season’s must haves early on and at a discount.

  • For our profits: on-demand production comes full circle on this one by allowing us to invest no more and no less than what our customers are willing to buy, in turn maximizing the accuracy of our sales forecast.