How ALOHAS is making made-to-order fashion sustainable and affordable

What started as an spanish espadrille brand in Hawaii, today has become an international on-demand fashion brand that is Made in Spain.

Praised by influencers, stylists, editors and celebrities around the world, what makes ALOHAS different is an on-demand business model. Through it, the brand not only offers a sustainable and responsible purchase option, it doesn’t generate surplus products and also offers shoppers high-quality products that are handcrafted in Spain by artisans who produce for major luxury brands certified by the Leather Working Group, at an affordable price.

What is ALOHAS on-demand business model and how can you benefit from it?

The main objective of the “on-demand” model is to fight against overproduction, one of the biggest problems of the fashion industry. This production system offers a sustainable alternative and also guarantees higher quality, since the brand produces in small batches with maximum care for the manufacturing process. The ALOHAS formula allows the number of units in pre-sale to be equal to the number of units in production, avoiding excess stock after the end of the season. A system that the brand has been experimenting with little by little until it became a cornerstone of its sustainability practice. But what are the benefits that you get as a customer?

The most remarkable thing is the reverse discount cycle (that means granting discounts to early purchases). A new collection is available every month on the website, where the customers can buy latest trends on-demand with a discount of 30% during the first 3 weeks, then the discount drops to 15% during the following 5 weeks and finally at full price. The customer will receive their pair after 30-50 days, a timeframe that is used to calculate how many units of each reference should be produced, which models to discard and start manufacturing with greater precision. A precision that allows producing more of what the customers like and less of what they don't.

What product categories are available?

The brand has become the on-demand option for a wide range of trends in:

- Footwear

- Clothing

- Jewelry

- Bags

- Swimwear


Regarding the products, there are a number of favorites for which ALOHAS even has a waiting list (Can Can Beige, Marshmallow Ivory, East Croco Brown, South Bicolor Beige and Black Stone, Bellini Red, Sophie Sand).

What about its success on Instagram?


ALOHAS doesn’t carry out influencer marketing campaigns. All the content that appears on their social networks is purely organic. That means that the different profiles that help them to give visibility are women who trust their products, their know-how and their philosophy.


We have a very powerful global community that identifies with the brand, not only at the design level, but also with our on-demand model and our sustainability values”. Thanks to their #alohaschicas they are known in different regions, which are increasing every year. Actress Georgina Amorós, model Blanca Padilla, influencer Belén Hostalet, actress Torrey de Vitto, actress Madeleine Arthur, model Alexina Graham, Erin Walsh (Sara Jessica Parker’s stylist), already have their favorites, and you?