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Back in 2015, ALOHAS was founded in Hawaii to put a twist on espadrilles - the quintessential Spanish summer shoe. Since then, we have taken a break from the heat to develop fall/winter collections too, as well as clothing and accessories. Step by step, our style has evolved to incorporate both trendy silhouettes and timeless icons with a focus on sustainability.


It’s the way we do everything. From the moment an idea is born, we use our pre-order system to forecast demand levels prior to production. We only produce what you actually want to buy, which means no waste of materials.

Here’s how it works:

We launch new collections at 30% off.
Why do we launch at a discount? To encourage you to shop on demand.

Production begins and the discount drops to 15%.
Why is the discount lowered? Because you placed your order after production began.

Items are now in stock and can be received within 24-48h.

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Proudly Spanish since birth, our shoes are meticulously crafted by our super-talented team in the heart of Barcelona. Drawing on timeless trends that can last a lifetime, each design is a testament to our commitment to both style and innovation–all while maintaining an avant-garde spirit.


We like to keep it local, so we handcraft our shoes between Spain and Portugal, relying on trusted artisans who believe in ethical and sustainable craftsmanship. We’re committed to keep our production local to ensure that labor conditions and quality standards align with our values.

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