Looking to shop more sustainably? Our on-demand experience is your best option yet. It’s no secret that overproduction is one of the leading environmental threats out there.


At ALOHAS, our mission is to minimize waste in fashion, providing you with a responsible shopping experience so we can heal our planet together.


How to shop on-demand


Discover a new selection of products every month



Place your pre-order for up to 30% off at launch, 3 weeks later pre-order at 15% off



Your order is produced next to avoid waste



Receive your much anticipated shopping treat


On-demand shopping

- New, coveted, monthly drops
- Transparent, early bird discount timeline
- No overproduction thanks to pre-orders
- Pre-planned responsible shopping

Traditional shopping

- Fewer, bigger, outdated collections
- Unpredictable, tricky price changes
- Mountains of stock wasted every season
- Unnecessary impulse buys

Can Can Beige

$173.00 $147.00 Pre-order

Marshmallow Tan

$173.00 $147.00 Pre-order

Marshmallow Scacchi Black & White

$173.00 $147.00 Pre-order

Delicate Strap Knit Dress Black

$185.00 $157.00 Pre-order

Marshmallow Brown Degradé

$173.00 $147.00 Pre-order

Fireside Chain Dark Burgundy

$173.00 $147.00 Pre-order