Knitwear by ALOHAS


   Nothing but the knit in this first ever knitwear collection that merges

the comfort of home attire with the joy of playing dress up in the morning.


Overall versatile pieces that offer a seamless transition from the living room to outdoor settings.


Pro tip: Make this your one stop shop.


Mix and match for a full knitwear outfit and don’t forget to accessorize with

our wide selection of shoes and handbags for the ultimate ALOHAS look.



Wise Opened Knit Skirt Emerald

$138.00 From $83.00 Pre-order

Polite Knot Knit Top Camel

From $110.00

Nice Knit Short Off White

From $92.00

Flirty Laced Knit Top Off White

From $138.00

Wise Opened Knit Skirt Off White

$138.00 From $111.00 Pre-order

Smart Crossed Knit Top Light Blue

From $110.00

Smart Crossed Knit Top Off White

Sold Out

Wise Opened Knit Skirt Camel

From $138.00

Polite Knot Knit Top Pale Pink

Sold Out

Smart Crossed Knit Top Lime Green

From $110.00

Nice Knit Short Emerald

Sold Out

Loyal Cardigan Yellow

From $161.00