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Wrap yourself in bliss this season with our new autumn/winter collection.
From leafy greens to earthy hues, this is a collection you will not want to miss.
Embrace the shorter days with corduroy-laden, leather boot cottage vibes.
Stay ahead of the game and pre-order GLANZ at 30% off.

East Evergreen

$338.00 From $288.00 Pre-order

Press Black

$233.00 From $198.00

East Croco Black

$338.00 From $288.00 Pre-order

Hangar Black

$268.00 From $188.00

Mount Dallas Black White

$385.00 From $327.00

Press Dusty Olive

$233.00 From $164.00

Twist Autumn Coffee Brown

$164.00 From $115.00

Blaze Black

$233.00 From $164.00

Twist Autumn Ivory

$164.00 From $115.00

Weekend Dark Burgundy

$210.00 From $147.00