Sustainable Footwear

Discover our selection of influencer-approved sustainable footwear. A wide range of options, with diverse heel heights, color palettes and eco-friendly materials like certified leather.
Browse certified leather items and others made with recycled materials. All under conditions of fair trade thanks to local production in the coastal region of Alicante, made in Spain.
Designed to encourage sustainable shopping via pre-order for on-demand models of sustainable shoes.
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Katiuska Goal Digger Ivory

$308.00 From $262.00 Pre-order

Globetrotter Ivory

$213.00 From $182.00 Pre-order

Press Black

$237.00 From $202.00 Pre-order

South Bicolor Coffee Brown Pomelo Orange

$261.00 From $222.00 Pre-order

South Dark Burgundy

$261.00 From $222.00 Pre-order

Press Dusty Olive

$237.00 From $202.00 Pre-order

Cattle Ivory

$367.00 From $312.00 Pre-order

Bellini Black

$142.00 From $121.00 Pre-order

West Braided Coffee Brown

$290.00 From $247.00 Pre-order

Marshmallow Cactus Black

$166.00 From $141.00 Pre-order

All Rounder Dark Burgundy

$237.00 From $202.00 Pre-order

Nile Black

$284.00 From $242.00 Pre-order