Sustainable Footwear

Discover our selection of influencer-approved sustainable footwear. A wide range of options, with diverse heel heights, color palettes and eco-friendly materials like certified leather.
Designed to encourage sustainable shopping via pre-order for on-demand models. PS: don't miss our other product categories for a Shop the Look feature!

Marshmallow Tan


Letizia Shades of Beige

$146.00 $124.00 Pre-order

Buckle Up Tan

$194.00 $165.00 Pre-order

Grace Green

$146.00 $124.00 Pre-order

Marshmallow Scacchi Black & White

$170.00 $145.00 Pre-order

Sophie Orange

$146.00 From $124.00 Pre-order

Double Strap Camel

$116.00 $98.00 Pre-order

Marshmallow Brown Degradé