Sustainable Dresses

Join the zero waste movement with ethical on-demand dress shopping. We offer ethical mini dresses, midi dresses, and maxi dresses that are equal parts stylish and sustainable.
Plus, our tip of the day is to also browse our wide selection of eco-friendly sandals for a total look makeover.

Conquest Dress Black

$178.00 From $125.00 Pre-order

Knockout Dress Ivory

$149.00 From $126.00 Pre-order

Delicate Strap Knit Dress Ivory

From $178.00

Delicate Strap Knit Dress Black

$178.00 From $152.00 Sale

Ready Buttons Knit Dress Ivory

$166.00 From $100.00 Pre-order

Dally Black Dress

$131.00 From $105.00 Pre-order

Breezy Sleeveless Knit Dress Black

$166.00 From $142.00 Sale

Breezy Sleeveless Knit Dress Toasted Almond

$166.00 From $142.00 Pre-order

Fuzzy Dress Black

$143.00 From $86.00 Pre-order

Ready Buttons Knit Dress Black

$166.00 From $100.00 Pre-order

Conquest Dress Ivory

$178.00 From $125.00 Pre-order

Exclesa Dress Terracota

From $178.00