What you should know about our origins, current sustainability

practices and the 12 Resolutions Program. 


We bet you've heard it from a thousand brands already...2020 is not just the transition into a new decade but also a glittering lure for fashion sustainability. Agreed. Although here at ALOHAS we are taking a more practical approach. To us, 2020 marks the beginning of a 12 step actionable plan with which we intend to reinstate our 3P’s program. Allow us to elaborate.  

Here is our 5 year history boiled down to one sentence: ALOHAS was founded in Hawaii with the primary goal of delivering a profoundly positive impact on our beautiful surroundings, delight our dear customers with Mediterranean inspired designs and, not gonna lie, make significant profit too. 

The cover photo for this post was taken during our first beach clean up in Kailua back in 2015. 

Since then, we’ve been preoccupied dealing with rapidly growing demand, conversion rates, huge international expansion and a demanding fashion cycle. And we know what you are thinking: That we lost track of our initial mission statement and these are just a bunch of excuses. 

With growth came the thought that it’s impossible to keep up with everything. But this year impossible is just not good enough. We are determined to embrace our roots and return to our not-so-simple mission statement. Taking real. good. care. of our 3 Ps: Planet, People and Profit.

Throughout the past few years, companies across industries have been embracing change. From reducing their environmental impact to working on their social responsibility practices. Just think back at what has been on the news lately. Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard of major players in the industry banning the use of fur, removing plastic from their packaging, launching in-store recycling programs or opting for eco friendly materials. We like to think of this as corporate self-improvement.

ALOHAS has been no different. Since the very beginning all of our shoes have been handmade in Alicante, an internationally renowned hub for artisanal shoemaking located on the eastern coast of Spain. Our design team regularly visits the manufacturing facilities that we work with to ensure production standards are up to par with our company values. We also offer fully vegan footwear options and otherwise use vegan materials as much as possible to reduce carbon footprint and respect animal rights. 

But like we said: come 2020, this is just not good enough. Instead, we are stepping our game up a notch and cooking up an actionable plan that will bring about meaningful change to our business model. In other words, we’re tracing our steps back to where it all started. 

Enter the 12 Resolutions Program, 12 RP for short. Our effort to reconnect with you, our family, on a level beyond flash. Stay tuned for monthly updates.